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Save Money

Using the SDSAuthor.com team to manage your Safety Data Sheets will cut the cost of your safety data sheet maintenance.

We source and update thousands of safety data sheets every month on behalf of our clients. With our lean systems and our dedicated staff, we can manage your safety data sheets more cost effectively than doing so within your organization.

Save Time

How much time will you or your staff spend on updating and distributing Safety Data Sheets. Checking current regulations, sourcing supplier safety data sheets, figuring out a complex software solution.

Using the SDSAuthor.com team will free up your qualified staff to work on the projects that are critical to your organization.

Happy Customers

The ability to supply up-to-date and accurate Safety Data Sheets for your products is a prerequisite to dealing with a growing majority of potential customers in the US and Europe.

It is now imperative that you have professional and accurate Safety Data Sheets available if you are serious about growing your business.

There is more to SDSAuthor.com than Safety Data Sheet Authoring

SDS Authoring

Safety Data Sheet Authoring in line with local, national and international regulations.

GHS Conversion

Conversion of existing Safety Data Sheets to GHS standard.

SDS Translation

Translation of Safety Data Sheets into over 75 languages

GHS Labels

Development of GHS compliant labels for the Global market

SDS Management

Sourcing of raw material Safety Data Sheets direct from your suppliers.

Client SDS Distribution

Distribution of Safety Data Sheets to your clients with our online application.

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