Client SDS Distribution

Distribution of Safety Data Sheets to your clients with our online application

We will manage the hosting of your Safety Data Sheets on our dedicated cloud service, SDSauthor. You may choose to give access to the service to your own staff only or you can open it up for direct access by your clients.

The documents can be accessed directly via a link on your own website or via a password protected portal. By hosting your Safety Data Sheets on Chemdoc, you will have :

  • Assurance that only the most up-to-date SDS available is distributed to your clients
  • Limit access to documents by client and/or product range
  • Give access to your staff or clients to print product labels

The Chemdoc service can also be used to host and manage your supplier raw material safety data sheets. You can read more about that here.

SDS Distribution

Let the SDSauthor team source and manage your SDS Distribution and start saving time and money today